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About Us

We are a small family owned business with the goal of teaching instrumental music to "kids" of all ages.  We believe that music education is an integral part of a child's education.  We are not part-time musicians who teach a little music here and there and do a little music on the side.  We are full time musicians and we make our living teaching and performing music. The success of our students and our programs directly impacts our lives.  So, each student's success is very important to us.  

Studies have shown that children who play a musical instrument for at least two years perform better on standardized tests and are more likely to become successful adults.  read more

Studies have also shown that adults who engage in instrumental music have a "slowed down" effect of the aging of the brain.  read more

Jane & Russell share more than 79 years of teaching and performing experience.  We truly love music and wish to infer on all our students the love and joy that music has brought us through the years.  We share each accomplishment with our students as if it is our own and celebrate their successes.  They become part of our family.

What can music do for you?
  • For the shy person, it's self expression.
  • For the impulsive, it's a way to channel nervous energy into accomplishment.
  • For the awkward child, it's coordination.
  • For the easily distracted person, it's concentration.
  • For the person who always thought they couldn't, it's perserverance.
  • For the lonely person, it means friendships.
  • For the uncertainties in life, music is a comfort that lasts a lifetime.