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Piano Lessons at Columbus Music Workshop

Columbus Music Workshop offers private piano lessons in Columbus Ohio. We’re based in Westerville and are in close proximity to Columbus, Worthington, Delaware, Gahanna & New Albany. Our piano teachers specialize in everything from young beginning piano students to advanced jazz and classical piano performance. Email Us!

Our Columbus piano teachers work with students of all ages. We teach piano lessons for kids, piano lessons for adolescents and piano lessons for adults. If you’re just starting out with piano lessons, finding the right piano can be a challenge. We are well trained on choosing the right piano.  So, don't hesitate to ask for our help. Our piano lessons are taught on a monthly schedule. During the first lesson, the student meets their instructor and develops an individualized piano lesson plan customized to the student’s age, ability, desires and goals. 

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Why take piano lessons?

Piano is the perfect entry level instrument. Learning piano helps visualize musical concepts. For the beginning piano student, it can be difficult to distinguish high and low notes. A piano makes it much easier, because it is laid out so that the student can clearly see all notes from bottom to top and that each note has its own key. Also, if your piano is kept in tune, it is much easier to play than let's say violin.  This is because if you hit the correct note, it sounds just as it should.  With stringed instruments such as violin, viola, cello or bass, it's a matter of precise finger placement which requires many hours of training the fingers as well as the ear to to be able to hear whether it is in tune or not.

This is true of both string and wind instruments at a very beginning level.  Wind instruments such as trumpet, trombone, saxophone or flute often require complicated fingerings as well as breath control to accomplish good results. The piano is much more forgiving to the beginning student and much easier to obtain pleasing results. Pianos can also do more musically than all other instruments. It has the largest note range of all instruments and unlimited polyphony. This means that it is possible to have all notes on the piano sustained simultaneously giving the piano unequalled musical possibilities.

Our piano teachers have many years of experience with students of all ages and know exactly how to help you achieve your goals.

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